Office 365

​​SharePoint is:​​

  • An electronic file storage tool​
  • Enterprise search engine​
  • Enterprise content management system​
  • A collaboration tool​
  • A Portal - Future​
  • A tool that manages business processes and forms - Future
  • Business intelligence tool - Future​

Benefits to SMU:​​

  • To replace aging share drives​
  • To use a standard solution as other universities​
  • Allows remote access
  • Is part of existing Office 365 ​

Why would you want to switch to SharePoint​:

  • SharePoint files can be accessed from anywhere with any device (mobile phone, iPad or computer).​​
  • Multiple people can edit the same document and even at the same time, without changes being lost using a web browser or through a local application.​​
  • You can search for a document and find it without relying on the file creator’s use of a meaningful name.
  • SharePoint allows you to collaborate with external users.​
  • SharePoint keeps versions of documents and allows you to revert to a prior version.​
  • No longer will you have to contact IT to change permissions on directories.
  • No change in how you use MS Office tools, however the open and save operation will be slightly different.
  • SharePoint is already part of Office 365, so it will show up as just another icon when you log in.

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