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Our new budgeting and forecasting system is here! 

Vena is a powerful solution that leverages the flexibility and user-friendliness of MS Excel allowing for rolled up approvals, early-warning signs and user-friendly summary reporting.  Our budget development process is now fully automated with Budget Monitoring Reports now LIVE!!!

Four reports are now available in Vena, and comprehensive instruction manuals have been written to support your hands-on experience.  They can be accessed through the links below:

Monthly Budget Monitoring Report Instructions

12 Month Statement of Operations Instructions

5 Year and 5 YTD Comparative Statement of Operations Instructions

Monthly Flash Report for Managers Instructions

Please note:  Vena works best with Chrome.  Chrome can be downloaded HERE.

To access Vena CLICK HERE or copy and paste into your browser.  

If you need your password reset or need general Vena support please contact Tracey Randem at or call 902-420-5464.  

If you need a Vena account/account modifications, please complete the Vena Account Creation/Modification Form and forward to who will create your ORG-specific account for you.

The Accountant Analysts can support your budget submission and reporting questions.  Please contact your Vena Support Team directly.

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