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Inventory, Distribution and Postal Services

Inventory, Distribution and Postal Services is part of the Procure to Pay Services team that are responsible to receive, sort, and deliver the mail and packages to the University community, both internally and externally in addition to provide oversight to the stores of inventory used throughout the University buildings such as paper, batteries and hardware.

Located in McNally 023, Inventory and Distribution provides boxes of computer paper upon request, is where you would return used printer cartridges and batteries, in addition to office supplies and accessories you no longer in use in your departments.

The Inventory and Distribution and Postal Services team will provide UPS courier supplies and any other mail and packaging needs you may have.

You can access a complete listing of products that are ordered through the Inventory and Distribution division here: Inventory and Supplies Listing (Oct 2016).


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This web page was last updated on March 31, 2016