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Internal Financial Services Forms

Please note the Operating Budget Adjustment Request Form is a NEW form due to the budget monitoring reporting in the Vena system.

Forms found in this section include the following:

Advance Request

Capital Expenditure Requision

Cell Phone Renewal

Expense Report

Expense and Revenue Adjustment Request

Labour Redistribution

Operating Budget Adjustment Request

Lost Receipt

Payment Request

Petty Cash Request

Prize Gift Card

Receipt of Funds Transmittal

Sole Supplier Justification Forms

Declaration of Small Supplier and Direct Deposit Vendor Information remains on the website.

If you need assistance at any time please contact Tracey Randem at 902-420-5464 or  

Advance Request, Advance Requests (Policy 4-3001)   Use this form for travel advances. Please allow a minimum of 10 days for processing.


Capital Expenditure Requision, Capital Expenditure Request (Policy 4-2010)  Capital Purchases (Over $3,000)

Capital items include land, buildings, renovations, furniture, equipment, computer hardware, and software with an expected life of more than two years and a value over $3,000. All capital purchases must be authorized by Financial Services Director's Office. There are two methods. Capital purchases may be included in the approved capital budget. For capital items not included in the budget, including all capital purchases related to research grants and contracts, employees must complete a Capital Expenditure Requisition and obtain authorization of the expenditure from the Budget Services division of Financial Services. Once the expenditure has been authorized the employee must follow the regular purchasing procedures to order the goods.

Capital Expenditure Request 04-2008 (Excel)

‌Cell Phone Renewal 

This form must be completed and returned to Procure to Pay Services to order a cell phone for staff and faculty.  The University supports IPhone, Blackberry, and Android Operating Systems only.  Alternate manufactureers are not supported.

Expense Report, Expense Report Completion Procedure (Policy 4-3002)

Employees who pay for business related expenditures, such as travel costs, mileage, hospitality, supplies, etc., may request reimbursement by completing an Expense Report and attaching the original receipts to the form. Please note:  Small value purchases should be paid by P-Card through the department secretary if you do not have your own purchasing card.  Payees are also encouraged to set up direct deposit rather than having paper cheques issued on the regular cycle. Expense reports must be submitted for all travel related reimbursements. Submit the approved form to Procure to Pay Services for review and payment. Travel advances may be requested using the AdvanceRequestExcelFillable2015 ‌.

If you cannot find the original receipt to attach to your claim, you must fill in a  to include, or the expensed value will not be reimbursed.  If you did not save your boarding passes or registration documents, please complete the Lost Document Declaration Travel (Excel) for your expense report.

Expense Report Instructions,   Expense Report SMU  Expense Report Summary 2007-08,   Expense Report SAMPLE 2007-08,   Expense Report Log 2007-08

Expense and Revenue Adjustment Request -Budget/Expenditure Adjustments (Policy 4-2005)  

This form is used to correct or adjust a revenue or expense transaction recorded in the current fiscal year.  Please review the policy prior to completing and submitting the form.


External Invoice Template (numbered invoices can be obtained from Procure to Pay Services at MM026)

Internal Invoice Template (please email for more information.  Please note:  All cheques received by the University for deposit must be made out to Saint Mary's University ONLY and not to individual departments or events on campus.  Please ensure your invoices say to include a copy to be returned with the cheque or there is risk the funds will take longer to make it to your department/grant accounts).

Labour Redistribution Form

‌ is used to correct labour distribution errors. Please complete and forward to Financial Reporting and Analysis for approval.

Operating Budget Adjustment Request, Budget Classifications and Definitions (Policy 4-2004)

Department Heads/Program Managers do not have the authority to incur expenditures in excess of their allocated budgets. However, budgets may be altered by using the Operating Budget Adjustment Request Form. Please review the policy prior to completing and submitting the form.  Use this form to transfer a portion of an Operating Fund budgeted amount from one "other expenses" account to another. 

Operating Budget Adjustment Request (PDF Fillable)

Payment Request Form

Some purchases do not require a Purchase Order (PO) issued by the Procurement Department, for example water, electricity, telephone service, and professional fees (legal, consulting, etc.). There are other purchases which can be made using the Purchase Card. When purchasing goods and services without a PO issued by Procurement and which cannot be put on the Purchasing Card, complete a Payment Request Form. Attach the invoice and packing slip (if applicable) to the form and submit to Financial Services for payment. If no invoice or bill is provided by the supplier, attach documentation to the support the request before submitting to Financial Services.

Payment Request Form 2007-08 (Excel)Payment Request Form 2007-08 (pdf)Payment Request Form SAMPLE 2007-08

Petty Cash Forms, Petty Cash (Policy 4-5004)  

In certain situations, Departments may request petty cash funds for low dollar purchases.

Petty cash Replenishment 2007-08

Where a department is using a gift card as a prize/honourarium they are required to complete the  outlining the date of issue, recipient name, purpose, etc.  Completed forms are to be submitted with the expense claim to Procure to Pay Services. 

Prize Gift Card Log

Purchase Order, Purchase Requision (Policy 4-1014)

Purchase of Goods and Services (up to $25,000): Employees who purchase goods and services up to $24,999 should complete a Purchase Requisition form and submit it to Procurement Services for processing. Forms are available at Inventory & Distribution. The List of Approved Vendors and the Stores Inventory Listing are available in SMUport under the Employee Services tab. A written quote is required for purchases under $3,000. Competitive quotes (min. 2) are required for purchases between $3,000 and $24,999. Procurement will issue a Purchase Order (PO) to the vendor and a receiving copy to the requesting employee. After receiving the goods or services, the receiving employee forwards the signed and dated receiving copy of the PO, packing slip, and any other relevant documentation to Financial Services. 

Receipt of Funds Transmittal, Receipt of Cash/Security (Policy 4-5005)

In most cases the only department within the University authorized to receive payments is Financial Services.  If you should happen to receive payments in your department you must deliver the payments in person to Financial Services with this completed form. Please DO NOT send cash or cheques via the internal mailing system.

Receipt of Funds Information Transmittal Form 

Sole Supplier Justification, 4-1024_SoleSupplierJustification

As legislated by the Province of Nova Scotia and outlined in the University's administrative policies, a competitive process is followed according to mandated thresholds. Occasional, exceptions are made. In these circumstances, the use of a sole supplier must be justified. University policy should be reviewed prior to competition of the Sole Source Form . There is also a form for Sole Source Form-CFI . 

 and  (external forms) are still on the Financial Services Website.

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