FAQ, Textbook and course materials ordering

How do I place my textbook orders with the Bookstore?

Orders can be placed in several ways: by using the online textbook ordering form on the bookstore website, by submitting a paper form from the department secretary and sending it to the bookstore via internal mail, emailing order details directly to the textbook buyer, or contact the textbook buyer by telephone.  Separate orders should be placed for each course.

What should my textbook request include?

All textbook requests should contain the basic details of the materials needed, with the following being the bare minimum:

Tile, author, publisher, ISBN (10-digit or 13-digit) and quantity requested

Other details which could be included are: information about bundles and their content, custom book details, pricing issues, alternate forms for the materials (digital books, paperback/hardback versions).

Why does my textbook have two ISBN’s?

All textbooks published within the last five to ten years may have two ISBN numbers.  The new international standard for ISBN’s is 13 digits, beginning with the numbers 978.  Some titles will still have the 10 digit ISBN on the cover, but both 10 and 13 digit ISBN’s are interchangeable.  You may quote either ISBN number when requesting a textbook.

What is a coursepack?

A coursepack is a custom publication produced on campus through our printing services provider (IKON).  It may contain original material provided by an instructor or copyright materials obtained from numerous sources.  The price of the coursepack will be determined by IKON in consultation with Access Canada for copyright permission.  Out of print books may also be duplicated in coursepack form.

How do I order a coursepack?

A coursepack order is similar to a textbook order.  The request should be made to the bookstore for the adoption of a coursepack for a specific course.  Materials for that coursepack should then be taken to the print centre (IKON) for copyright approval and printing.  All orders are done on a first come first served basis, and requests should be submitted with the usual deadlines in mind (see below).

I want to reuse a coursepack but with a few changes, what should I do?

Any additions or deletions of materials in a coursepack will require the creation of a completely new coursepack.  The instructor should inform the bookstore of any changes prior to taking the new materials to the print centre.

What are the deadlines for placing textbook orders?

There are three deadlines to keep in mind:

  • March 15th is the deadline for orders for the spring and summer sessions.
  • May 15th is the deadline for orders for the fall semester. 
  • October 15th is the deadline for orders for the winter semester.

Why are the deadlines so firm?

The Bookstore must set a benchmark date to receive orders in order to give enough time to process all requests in time for any given academic term.  Textbooks are ordered from many different publishers all over the world, requiring many weeks in some cases to order, ship, and process the textbook request.  Custom textbooks and textbook bundling also require time to put together, so time is an important factor in the ability of the bookstore to have materials on the shelf for the start of term.